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Tuskegee Airmen fought for freedom. Now, posterity will remember their fight to educate the next generation matriculating to pursue degrees in aviation, aerospace, science, medicine, education, psychology, history, language arts and other fields.

Success Story

Name: Dayvie J. Paschall
School: Florida A&M University
GPA: 3.561
Graduation: April 2009
Honors: National Dean's List; Alpha Rho Chi Professional Fraternity

This semester is progressing well and I am currently in the process of contracting my honors courses. I am taking 5 classes = 17 credit hours. I have managed to stay ahead of the degree's outlined curriculum, taking a few classes a semester in advance. I project that this will lighten my work load as I advance to upper division. In addition, I enjoy taking classes with some of the older students, for they have a great deal to offer and I have made many friends throughout the program where I am comfortable with working in many atmospheres.

This semester has also afforded many opportunities for me to become more active in the school community. I have recently taken on the role of publications chair for my fraternity and partake in many of their other extracurricular activities. I'm going to be even more productive this year.

I want to thank you for being supportive over these last few years and I will continue to write.
Dayvie J. Paschall