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Success Story


My name is 1LT Steven Sexton and I am currently deployed with the 79 Infantry Brigade Combat Team in support of Operation Joint Guardian. As it stands now, I will be home just in time for Christmas, therefore my wish is for 4 Disneyland/California Park hopper tickets so I can celebrate a special holiday season with my family when I return. Once this deployment is completed; of my first 29 months in the service I will have been away from my family for 16 of those months. Through it all, my wife has been very supportive each time I have had to leave for deployment, schools or state emergency, all while holding down a full-time job as a first grade teacher and taking care of our two energetic daughters. So this wish is not just for me but for my family who I believe deserve a special gift for the holidays. Thank you.


Thank you so much VET-TIX and all of the donors that made our trip possible. We had a wonderful Disneyland vacation! It was great catching up on lost time from the deployment. Especially grateful are my two girls as they were able to fill their autograph books with Disney characters and meet every princess at the park because we were there for four full days. My wife Lindsey wants to thank VET-TIX and all the donors as well as she was able to meet the Disney character she never got to meet as a child, Mary Poppins! I can't thank you enough for fulfilling our wish. It was an experience that we will never forget.
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