EOD Warrior Foundation Inc

Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians are highly trained military serving Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force. We improve quality of life for the EOD family by providing financial relief, scholarships, PTSD and physical, social & emotional support.

Success Story

The attention and energy that this organization puts into healing families and reconnecting our military and veteran communities to our most vital source of inspiration, and places the true value of "family" in military service. This spring the EOD Warrior Foundation gave ten very tired and heroic EOD families that opportunity: to share, learn, and grow together in Brushy Mountain Park at Camp Harrison, NC. After that therapeutic healing retreat experience, I was physically exhausted but mentally and spiritually charged up. It was like a bit of "pre-deployment training" but for reinvigorating the soul of a family; hard, fast, and if you paid attention it can save the lives of those around you. All-in-all...if ever granted an opportunity through the EOD Warrior Foundation...ACCEPT IT! They are the competent buffer and cohesive arbitrators for life beyond the bomb and I value their connection with every ounce of honor I carry. On the other end, if you have the opportunity to support the EOD Warrior Foundation or other non-profits...keep in mind they operate and grow by donations and your support. This is hyper- important because these organizations are filling the gigantic gaps that exist in bureaucratic and political power-house organizations that have tied their shoes together. We needed this, and are truly grateful! Respectfully, An EOD Warrior