Legacy Giving

A Legacy of Generosity

Do your estate-planning documents reflect your current situation and wishes for both your loved ones AND your chosen charitable beneficiaries?

We ask that you invest in our future success by including MSGA in your estate and financial planning. A gift in your will or trust, or a beneficiary designation, will create your legacy of philanthropy and embody your desire to support members of the U.S. armed services and their families and to protect American freedoms of the future.

Know that when this deferred gift eventually comes to fruition, it will be of profound importance to a diverse group of national military family support and veteran related nonprofits.

Should you choose to name MSGA as a beneficiary, please let us know. We want to acknowledge your generosity and ensure that we understand your express wishes.

*If you are considering a gift to MSGA, we recommend the following language:

I, [NAME], of [CITY, STATE ZIP], hereby give, devise, and bequeath to Military Support Groups of America, federal tax identification number 27-2242752 with the permanent address 100 Smith Ranch Road, Suite 122, San Rafael, CA 94903, the sum of $_______ for its unrestricted use and purpose.

However, to determine how a gift or estate planning decision might affect your individual circumstances, it is expressly recommended that you consult an attorney, financial advisor, or other qualified professional.