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Our vision is to honor courage, sacrifice, and dedication to this country.

Public Accountability

MSGA partners with national nonprofits that can meet or exceed a standard of excellence for public accountability. Each charity that partners with us submits its program and financial documents for annual review and certification.

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A Proven Performer

Since 2010, Military Support Groups of America has helped nonprofits expand their reach and engage with individuals like you. The donations help ensure a strong support system for families of active service members, provide comfort to the deployed, facilitate successful reintegration into civilian life, educate the children of those who have served, and honor the fallen.

We use contributions wisely, in accordance with our mission and in ways that honor donors’ wishes.

Serving Large and Small Nonprofits

Although all our nonprofit partners must have programs or services in at least 15 states or internationally, many of our partners are not household names.

We are proud to work with nonprofits of any size and aim to provide a place where individuals can learn about the good work of lesser known organizations.

Our Financials

MSGA is committed to meeting the highest standards of public
accountability and fiscal responsibility.

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Our Leadership

We are governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors who
generously give their time and talent.

Frank J. Walker

Colonel, USAF (ANG) Retired President

Colonel Walker served his country for 40 years as an enlisted and officer of the USAF and Air National Guard. Although now retired, he continues to serve as an Academic Liaison Officer with the Air Force Academy and is an instructor for the Civil Air Patrol at their annual encampment (cadet training) and a member of the Hooligans Flight team. He serves as a board member or advisor to numerous nonprofits and often speaks at schools, churches and veteran and civic organizations. Colonel Walker is a proud patriot and American who believes that if not for the sacrifices of military and their families we would not enjoy the freedoms of this great nation!

Martin Boire


Mr. Boire serves as President of Support Our Troops® a nationwide charitable resource that stands as a permanent living testament to the affection, gratitude and loyalty Americans hold for those who daily do so much to protect all of us. His mission aligns with the mission of MSGA - to strengthen the morale and well-being of military service members and their families. Mr. Boire has volunteered to serve on the MSGA board for over 10 years.

Richard L. Simcock II

Major General, USMC Retired Secretary

Major General Simcock received his commission in May 1983 via the Platoon Leaders Program and was ultimately promoted to his current rank in 2014 serving as the deputy commander to US Marine Forces, Pacific. After a varied and distinguished career, he retired with over 34 years active-duty service. Major General Simcock currently resides on the Island of Hawai’i and generously joined the MSGA board of directors in 2021.